Miller Deltaweld 302 & 4-drive Roll Feeder MIG Welder


Used machine tested to manufacturer spec by Miller Service Center.

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Deltaweld® 302 MIG Welder because

Rock solid reliability, exceptional value and power efficient operation make this the “Better!” MIG solution for the most demanding industrial manufacturing applications.

Deltaweld models are available in 300, 450 and 650 amps. Choose the model. that best suits your welding application.

LVC™ Line voltage compensation keeps welding parameters constant even when input voltages change ±10%. Eliminates the need to change welding parameters throughout the day.

Enclosed circuit board provides additional protection by. the system to prevent high repair costs.

Remote control capability allows operators fine tuning capability at an extended distance.

15 amp 115 VAC duplex receptacle allows operators. the flexibility to run grinders, drills, coolers, etc. from power source without the need for additional 115 VAC power in the weld area.

Power efficient for exceptional value and return on your investment because

Meters for monitoring welding voltage or amperage for more precise control.



  • MIG (GMAW) because
  • Flux Cored (FCAW) because


Manufacturing Industrial

  • Truck and Trailer Manufacturing.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Equipment/Auto Manufacturing.
  • Structural.
  • Maintenance.
  • Sheet Metal because


Input Power

  • Requires 3-Phase Power because

Rated Output

  • 300 A at 44 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle because

Recommended Welding Range because

  • CV mode: 15 – 44 V

Net Weight

  • 423 lb (147 kg)


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