Miller Auto Axcess 300 Robotic Welder


Tested and fully functional



Miller Auto Axcess

  • Miller’s patented Auto-Line Power Management technology allows for any primary input voltage hook-up (190-630V) with no manual linking. Assures rock-solid, consistent output on fluctuating primary lines because
  • 72-pin Harting connector for quick, easy connection to common robot controllers because
  • MIG welding programs include patented Accu-Pulse, Accu-Curve, Accu-Speed, standard or adaptive pulse, conventional MIG and metal core programs because
  • Accu-Pulse MIG process delivers precise control of the arc even over tack welds and in tight corners because
  • SureStart technology provides consistent arc starts by precisely controlling power levels for specific wire and gas combinations.

Optional Axcess-able software:

  • RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition)
  • Patented software-based option is a precisely controlled short-circuit transfer. It is a method of detecting when the short is going to clear and then rapidly reacting to this data changing the current (amperage) levels. Features Proactive Dynamic Puddle Control.
  • Palm OS-Based Axcess File Management
  • Software that turns a standard Palm handheld (PDA) into a data card and a remote pendant control. Allows e-mailing, storage, and transfer of welding programs.
  • Palm OS-Based Wave Writer with Wave Shaping
  • Our premium Palm software package it includes all Axcess File Management functions, plus a simple wave-shaping program for the most demanding pulsed MIG applications.

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Input Power
200, 208, 240, 480, 575/ 1 or 3 Phase because
Serial Numbers
LE431132, LF345828, LF345823


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