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SQUAREWAVE TIG 255 Ready-Pak Pkg 208/230/460/1/60  

Advantage Lincoln
  • Precision Arc Performance:

    • Patented Micro-Start II™ Technology delivers extremely stable low amperage starting, welding and cratering for both AC and DC welding.

    • Selectable welding modes such as high frequency, scratch start, and Touch Start TIG®.

    • Higher duty cycles – 275A @ 40% duty cycle.

    • Widest welding range in its class 2-340 amps for both AC and DC.

    • Excellent stick welder – even with Fleetweld® 5P (E6010) with new Automatic Hot Start™ and Auto Adaptive Arc Force™ controls (requires optional Advanced Process Panel).

  • Simple Controls – Easy to Use:

    • Redesigned controls are simple and well spaced for effortless setting changes.

    • Hidden menu button features up to 7 programmable parameters without cluttering the control panel (requires optional Advanced Process Panel).

    • NEW and Improved Auto Balance® has been readjusted to have more penetration and improved bead appearance.

  • Professional Features:

    • 115 volt auxiliary power receptacles. Great for powering an optional water cooler or power tools.

    • Add an optional Under-Cooler Cart for extra storage and water-cooled applications because

    • Built-in storage compartment for torch consumables because

    • Water-cooled torch connections with no adapters required – side mounted, out of the way, and well protected.

    • Neat/organized cable management with integrated torch holster because

  • Superb Quality:

    • Fan-As-Needed ™ (F.A.N.) prevents overheating. F.A.N. reduces power consumption, noise, motor wear, and dust in the machine because

    Input Power because

  • 208, 240, 480 1 Phase Power because



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