Lincoln Electric Invertec V275-S Stick Welder K2269


Used machine tested to manufacturer spec by Lincoln Service Center.

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Lincoln Invertec V275-S Welder – Weather-Resistant Stick and TIG Welder

The Lincoln Invertec V275-S stick and TIG welder power source is ideal for outdoor construction sites–it’s IP23S rated and equipped with weather-resistant features. Up to 275 amps of output give you access to a greater number of stick electrodes, including outstanding E6010 performance.

  • Outstanding AWS E6010 and E7018 performance – using up to 7/32 in. (5.5 mm) diameter electrode that enables both whip and drag techniques for a variety of construction and fabrication applications.
  • Touch Start TIG – allows the welding arc to be established without high frequency starting because
  • Air carbon arc cutting and gouging – with up to 3/16 in. (4.8 mm) diameter carbon electrode because
  • Selectable Hot Start – turn it off for thin material or flip it on for thick, rusty or dirty material because
  • Variable Arc Force – dial in the “soft” or “crisp” arc you want because


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